Introducing Rosalie

You may know Firestone Walker for their more traditional beers, but now they are offering something pretty unique – beer brewed with hibiscus and wine grapes. Read on…

From Firestone Walker:

Our roots in winemaking run deep. Adam Firestone’s father - Brooks Firestone, founded Firestone Vineyard in 1972 in Santa Barbara County - the area’s first estate winery. While Adam Firestone left the winemaking business to focus on beer, his love for wine never waned. 

Fast-forward to today! Many breweries have attempted to create beer with wine grapes, but very few ever found ways to create a product that appealed to wine-drinkers. If anyone could do it, Firestone Walker could! With the explosion of the rosé style in both wine and cider, we knew that this was the time to make our vision a reality! Creating a new kind of beer rosé required considerable R&D at The Propagator pilot brewhouse. The result is one of Firestone Walker’s most innovated beers ever!

Rosalie begins with wine grapes harvested within a few miles of our brewery, including Chardonnay, Viognier, Riesling, and Muscat. These grapes are pressed, and the juice is co-fermeted with a light pilsner malt base. Hibiscus flowers are incorporated into the whirlpool phase for color and aroma. 

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Phillip Pine